Based out of Portland, OR., I serve as an Ecommerce Product Manager for San Francisco based Deluxe Distribution, a major manufacturer and distributor of professional skateboard equipment (Real & Antihero Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, etc). Hired to develop and launch B2C and B2B Ecommerce solutions for Deluxe, I also sourced, installed and am the administrator of the company's Digital Asset Management system with over 3000 assets. I have 10+ years experience in online sales, web programming (HTML, PHP, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, etc.), ad operations and sales (DFP), social media and email marketing, Unix server administration, and CMS management... I also love Agile (JIRA) and project management (TeamGantt).

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B2B Custom Programmed
~Shopify Plus

Reprogrammed the B2C platform Shopify Plus to function effectively as a B2B, fully integrated into SAGE ERP built using Agile with an upmost emphasis on customer value.
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FFDG, Fine Art Gallery
2277 Mission St., SF

Owned and operated this gallery space in San Francisco for 8 years showing works from leading contemporary local and international artists.

San Francisco Magazine -
Who Runs SF

"Back when most art aficionados were still scratching their heads over the whole concept of the internet, a skateboard fanatic named John Trippe moved to San Francisco and taught himself to code. Fecal Face, Trippe's 12-year-old website, is now an internationally renowned art forum that gets about 13,000 visitors a day." -San Francisco Magazine 2013


Newish to Portland working remotely. I love people. Contact and let's meet for coffee/beer/water and talk Ecommerce/code/skateboarding/fine-art.